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7 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Quarantine Style)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, you are ready to celebrate love. The past year has been taxing and in 2021 we want to be more intentional about finding ways to not only celebrate love but make lasting memories.

You can still have fun while quarantining this year. So, don’t overthink it. No matter what you decide to do, go all out with the décor. Put on your favorite outfit or better yet, his favorite outfit and have some fun. Below are 7 ideas for a fun memorable Valentine’s Day (quarantine style).

1. Send hubby on a treasure hunt. (this one is my fav). Hide little riddles, pictures or creative notes around the house. Don’t make it too hard but look for cute places that you know he’ll go. You can give him a clue, or you can be discreet and let him stumble on the note. Spice it up. Remember this is all about romance. At the end, make sure to give him a reward. Get ready to have some fun!

2. Dance in the living room with your hubby. Find a virtual dance class or just turn on some tunes to

dance with your love. Dancing is a great way to bond with your husband. Plus, you can add a few of his favorite moves and watch the sparks fly. Focus fully on him by connecting through dance.

3. Give each other a massage. A good massage feels like the perfect verse over a tight beat. It creates a deeper connection. So, grab some scented oil, a few candles and some soothing music to set the mood for this bonding experience. Trying something new to increase feelings of affection and encourages intimacy. Create a sanctuary to relax the mind and body.

4. Set up an all things chocolate station. Hmmm, everyone loves chocolate. What better way to show your hubby that you love you than to give him chocolate?

Hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, chocolate candy and chocolate syrup. Remember, chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac so don’t eat too much. Just kidding.

5. Cook dinner while listening to your favorite tunes. You can sign up for a virtual cooking class or wing it. Magic happens when you cook together with your spouse. Turning on your favorite tunes can definitely take it up a notch. You can add little romantic gestures as you are cutting up veggies or seasoning the salmon. Stir up a little

passion in the kitchen.

6. Take a virtual museum tour. Virtual experiences can be a unique way to celebrate togetherness. Find a few and enjoy. Remember, it’s all about making memories.

7. Go for a drive. Fill up the car with your favorite snacks and music- and don’t forget gas and head out for a full day of adventure. You could even take a picnic basket full of goodies, park and just talk. Uninterrupted time to reminisce about how and why you fell in love.

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