• Keisha Bass

5 Ways To Find Balance In Marriage

Finding balance in marriage is critical to the success and health of your marriage. We

sometimes allow situations, circumstances and life to disturb that balance, but we must be

deliberate in creating the balance.

Not having balance can cause anxiety, irritability, depression, or stress which threatens the

health of your relationship. The good part is that it’s not too late to make changes.

Below are some ways to help you find balance in your marriage.


Communication is such a huge part of a balanced marriage. Sharing and listening are equally important. Really listen to your spouse and don’t be afraid to share what’s on your heart.

2-Agree to disagree

Chances are you will not always agree, this is not the time to shut down. Create an

environment where you share, and you are okay with not getting your way. Be willing to disagree and understand the other’s point of view.

3-Leave work at work

It’s perfectly okay to talk about how your day went, but at the end of the day, leave work at

work. And if you work from home, close your office door. This signals that the workday is over. Now if you are like those that work from your kitchen table, then you too must find time to shut it off. Close the laptop and put away the papers. Be present rather than trying to juggle both a conversation with your spouse and an email from a client.

4-Date your spouse

Carve out time on the calendar to spend with your spouse. Without the mobile devices or any other distractions. Find time to connect as a couple. Need ideas to connect with your spouse?

Remember it doesn’t have to be major

- Go for a walk

- Watch a movie

- Sit and talk

- Go for a car ride

5-Take time for yourself

The other part of you matters. It’s important that you maintain a sense of self and

independence in your marriage. Be intentional about finding time for yourself and take time

when you need it. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Remember, self-care should not be

optional. Read a book, take a bubble bath, or find a hobby. No matter what it is, do something for you.

Yes, your to-do list may be overwhelming, but you control your choices. Take the time to be

intentional about what matters most in your marriage.

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